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Hello from Mary in Atlanta, Georgia... I'm a dollmaker and happy gramma to a dear little near-four-year-old granddaughter. I want to showcase here great dolls and softies from other artists as well as my own stuff. My main interest lies with vintage cloth dolls that our frugal earlier mothers made for their children--women who often did not possess the financial means or even transportation to indulge "boughten" dolls and toys. In this endeavor I've been heavily influenced by master dollmaker Gail Wilson of Gail Wilson Designs.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Leah ...

Leah's body is velour (wrong side), also is padded with thermolam ... heavy wool skirt ... leggings and blouse from recycled clothing ... felt hair ... felt cardigan ... She looks better in life than in the pics. For one thing, her face is not shiny in life .. wool stuffing .. embroidered face .. I mean't for her to look like a school girl from the 1940s .. Don't think I was successful in that! I wanted her to represent just an ordinary person ....

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ardelia: A country girl

Here is Ardelia. She was made from a Kay Cloud pattern, Creating Early American Dolls .. She was supposed to be a primitive girl but I got carried away as usual ... She's just too tidy ... Ah well ....

Ardelia .. Just a country girl ..

December 09 - She has embroidered features and a body padded with cotton batting .. is stuffed with sawdust and cotton .. and I used a little wool stuffing too ... sewn on wig ... She's supposed to represent a girl from the 1800s ..
She is handmade/hand sewn ...

Amara Lia: Summer 09

Will somebody fix my hair?

AmaraLia: 8/09 Contemplating the world ..

Amara Lia: 8/09

Amara Lia: 8/09

Amara Lia .. August 09


At the park ...